5 ways to handle insecurities

selena gomez said who says your not perfect who says your not beautiful..apparently everyone. so what do you do when you havent received a compliment since years and years ago or if you are just feeling down because your friends are more outgoing and social than you , yeah they are prettier too. your insecurities could be about anything , it could be that you are ashamed of your not so intelligent brain , maybe your crush’s girlfriend has a better sense of humour than you , maybe your ex got himself someone way too cuter than you or whatever the scenario is. insecurities can be handled and eliminated from your life easily , once you actually start working upon them not just overthinking.

so hereby , in my first post i have shared 5 ways which will help you fight insecurities and i know they will surely work , because they worked for me and these are just some things that you realise after overcoming from those uncountable insecurities you once had. beleive me or not ,  these will work.

1) do not accept them : expect to change them (be ready to change yourself)

now many articles about insecurities will tell you that the first step is acceptance but seriously whats gonna happen if you just accept them and be all satisied that will provide you some peace yes but that will also in an indirect way steal your motivation to  improve think about it , you will just accept being the quite friend who stands in the corner hiding behind your friends never grabbing the spotlight which by the way will feel like a dream come true. you are missing out on so much of things by just accepting who you are and not wanting to change yourself. changing yourself , knowing that you are full of flaws at the moment is quite difficult but isnt that what its all about? try looking at having tons of insecurities . as an oppourtunity for you to change , start thinking positive

2)never share your insecurities with others.

now many believe that sharing is caring and that if you share your sorrows with others then it will lessen your pain , now that is somewhat true not just entirely. you can share these insecurities with a few close friends but not with too many people. not start complaining about how fat you are or how your nose looks so big whenever you get a chance. the truth is that this will further down your image? didnt got my point? wait i’ll explain

its proven in scientifically  that people gradually learn to believe what you are saying even if its not completely true. so try it some other time , for instance theres this girl who you think is quite beautiful and then one day she comes upto you and complain about how her face is of a wierd shape and how her hair does not stay in place. and so when next time you see her you will think yeah she’s seriously not that pretty. 

got my point now?

3) keeping a record

simply wanting to change and being ready for some improvement with high doses of inspiration running through your veins wont do the work , planning and executing will. and that includes getting off your ass now and start working. make a list all the things you wanna improve and plan out how your gonna do it. so if you are insecure about your body …go and train. if you think you aren’t that beautiful try changing it with makeup and beauty hacks , use amazing perfume dress stylish .remember , you look best when you feel like a damn queen just like steinfield said. so go ahead and do whatever it takes to get you to feel like a damn queen.

4) fighting society

now there will always those certain mean people around you who you know will never fail to remind you of your insecurities. they will tell you again and again and again that you arent perfect..as if they are ! but beware these people could be your biggest and hardest hurdle. theres no way out from them ..they wont let you ignore them , you cant sass them out most of these people have already mastered the art of sarcasm and they know exactly how to get on your nerves , you cant fight them verbally they will outnumber you. so what now?

well there is this one thing you can do … nothing. seriously dont do anything about it just let them be. you cant change their ways you can change only yourself. dont let them get to you.


SO You finally know whats wrong with you and you have already started working on it, there isnt anything else you can do now. just dont stop okay? keep working and start praising yourself on how you are succesfully handling the insecurities.


thats all for now , i guess. see you again sometime , dear reader? lol i dont even know how this site works. i just wrote what came into my mind.. dont mind the spelling mistakes mind the matter. i hope someone actually reads it..

  • see ya!
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the world without me

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no friends no fam

i go through it alone

i handle myself quite well

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